XOOON - Lardos - Minimalistic design - Sofas - 3.5-seater
  • Stylish combination of 2 materials
  • High quality seating comfort
  • Choice of 4 legs
3.5-seater sofas



in fabric from £1,699.-

The “LARDOS” sofa is modern and timeless. A variety of leg styles are available for this three-and-a-half-seater model. You can combine this piece with others in the “LARDOS” series. The sofa has a sturdy seat with wide armrests that are slightly tapered towards the top. The “LARDOS” is also available in a variety of colours, with fabric or leather upholstery.

Available options

Leg H15 Cm Metal Offblack Leg H15 Cm Steel Look Leg Wood H15 Cm Leg Wood H15 Cm
Leg H15 Cm Metal Offblack
Leg H15 Cm Steel Look
Leg Wood H15 Cm
Leg Wood H15 Cm

Leg H15 Cm Metal Offblack

General information
  • Article code 41401-001
  • Dimensions W 226 x D 91 x H 82
  • Price groups in leather from £2,599.- fabric £1,699.- in micro leather from £2,399.-
  • Weight 58.7 kg
  • Product overview
Price groups

Depending on your screen settings, the actual colours of the furniture and fabrics may differ from what you see online. Our stores have fabric and leather samples so that you can see what they look and feel like. Different seam types may also alter the finish of your product.

  • Price groups 61, 62 and 63 are stitched as fabric
  • Price groups 20, 25 and 30 are stitched as leather and require additional stitching
leather group 20 £2,599.-
Leather Catania Anthracite
Leather Catania Black
Leather Catania Brique
Leather Catania Clay
Leather Catania Dark Green
Leather Catania Darkbrown
Leather Catania Light Grey
Leather Catania Off-White
Leather Catania Petrol
Leather Catania Red
Leather Catania Taupe
Leather Catania White/White
Leather Catania Yellow
leather group 25 £2,899.-
Leather Laredo Cognac
Leather Laredo Desert
Leather Laredo Green
Leather Laredo Lava
Leather Laredo Light Grey
Leather Laredo Off Black
leather group 30 £3,199.-
Leather Cuba Charcoal
Leather Cuba Cognac
Leather Cuba Green
Leather Cuba Lava
Leather Cuba Offblack
Leather Cuba Sky Blue
Fabric group 62 £1,699.-
Fabric Kibo Fr Anthracite
Fabric Kibo Fr Cognac
Fabric Kibo Fr Green
Fabric Kibo Fr Lightgrey
Fabric Kibo Fr Sky Blue
Fabric Kibo Fr Taupe
Fabric Lavinia Fr Anthracite
Fabric Lavinia Fr Dark Green
Fabric Lavinia Fr Grey
Fabric Lavinia Fr Light Grey
Fabric Lavinia Fr Mustard
Fabric Lavinia Fr Pink
Fabric Lavinia Fr Rust
Fabric Linn Fr Beige
Fabric Linn Fr Blue
Fabric Linn Fr Green
Fabric Linn Fr Grey
Fabric Linn Fr Light Grey
Fabric Linn Fr Mustard
Fabric Linn Fr Red
Fabric Monica Fr Anthracite
Fabric Monica Fr Flax
Fabric Monica Fr Light Grey
Fabric Monica Fr Liver
Fabric Secilia Cognac Fr
Fabric Secilia Fr Anthracite
Fabric Secilia Fr Brown
Fabric Secilia Fr Dark Green
Fabric Vivian Fr Anthracite
Fabric Vivian Fr Dark Blue
Fabric Vivian Fr Flax
Fabric Vivian Fr Light Grey
Fabric Vivian Fr Red
combi leather 20 fabr 61,62,63 £2,399.-
Combi leather 25 fabr 61,62,63 £2,599.-
Combi leather 30 fabr 61,62,63 £2,699.-
  • Width 226 cm
  • Depth 91 cm
  • Height 82 cm
  • Height seat 45 cm


Sofa in two styles

Sofa in two styles
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